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The XWeb Frontends

Sorry -- not much here yet. Please be patient. Or join the crew ;-)

A dialog for creating buttons is implemented, but not yet documented. You can find it in the jar file as net.sourceforge.xweb.frontend.ImageRenderDialog.

Here is a picture as proof ;-) Still needs some detail but everything works.

A graphical frontend for the main file is in work but not finished yet. Again a picture of the current state. And on this page you can call the dialog above to define the images directly into the main file. But there is still a lot to do on this one, so don't expect this too soon -- making screenshots is always easy ;-)

There are plans to implement application specific tools (e.g. for publishing your holiday pictures) and even a full featured WYSIWYG editor -- but no promises here, it won't happen soon and maybe it will never happen.


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