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Some sites using XWeb.

Of course we use XWeb for our own page. This is one of the first layouts made with XWeb, it includes SVG buttons and banners. Source is included in the XWeb distribution.
The Tockit site generates lots of different SVG elements to create two navigations: sections at the top, pages to the left. Source included in the XWeb distribution.
Another Sourceforge project. David was using XML/XSL before but he did the navigation manually.
Peters Homesite
Special features here: bilingual navigation (you can switch between German and English in each entry) and mouse over effects using SVG filters. Source included in the XWeb distribution.
Dakkars Homesite
Dakkar uses a lot of CSS to get some interesting effects without downloading too many graphics.
KVO Workgroup Site
Early version of a site for an academic workgroup. Main features here: lots of simple XML formats for the different sections, layout using the generic stylesheet and last not least: one central publications file in BibTeXML which is used to create different lists of publications, crosslinked with the personal pages of the group members. The source is in the XWeb distribution.

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