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Related projects.

XML Stylebook
A very similar project from the Apache Software Foundation which they use to create e.g. their XML site. It uses a process oriented concept, defining how a document is processed by a chain of producer elements. It has only a simple image renderer and lacks some other XWeb features but is probably more easily extensible, a later version of XWeb might use some of XML Stylebooks process oriented features. Unfortunately there is no documentation for this tool, the link points into the CVS frontend from the Apache Software Foundation.
Lagoon offers similar features but focuses more on the processing part, similar to XML Stylebook. Compared to XWeb there are more options on how files can be processed but the navigation management is not as advanced. We currently consider a merge of our efforts.
w3make is very similar to our project, but uses a scripting approach. It is a Perl script that uses an input file similar in structure to a Makefile. The process is different: the directory structure of the input defines the structure of the site and all input is combined into one big XML file. It lacks e.g. features like creating buttons and XSL chains but it might be useful if you don't need automatic creation of pictures and your site isn't too big.
Cocoon was one of the options we tried before writing XWeb. We dropped it since we could not find any support for creating the navigation of a website and since we wanted to publish on ordinary webspace (http server). Cocoon needs a Java Servlet Engine but in turn offers features for dynamic XML processing.
The Barracuda part of the Enhydra Application Server seems to target similar problems as Cocoon does. Probably you can get the XWeb features in this environment with some code but we couldn't find them directly supported. And you need the Enhydra server to run it, but you gain more flexibility for dynamic applications. [this is guessed from the description -- corrections are welcome]
wgen -- Website Generator is a simple tool to add menus and other common aspects into a website by using textual replacement. The approach is simple but very efficient. The same can be achieved by using a simple XML format in XWeb and wgen seems to lack features for the management of the navigation.
hitop can add navigation to your site by using Apache modules. If someone has more detailled information, please send...
The Transmorpher project tries to model stream processing for XML and binary streams in an abstract and thus flexible way.

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