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What happens when I call XWeb?

The website processing in XWeb is mainly a four step process. These steps are:

  1. the input file is loaded
  2. the layout information is parsed (first images, then documents, then sections)
  3. the structure information is parsed, the information for creating navigation in the stylesheets is gathered, images are rendered
  4. the files are processed according to their [type] atribute and the output files are generated

Currently XWeb is per default very verbose, so you can follow the process on the output. You can use the command line options -silent and -debug to decrease or increase the amount of information given. We recommend redirecting the output into a file if you don't have the option to scroll back in the output window.

XML syntax errors will always be detected in the first step since the full file will be loaded before accesssing any data. Other errors like type mismatches (e.g. an input file has been assigned a type that is not defined) will be found later.


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